iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus specs: Which iPhone do you have to purchase?

Also note that while both telephones have studio lighting results for the rear camera(s), the 8 Plus would not have it for its entrance-facing camera.

What is the best iPhone out right now?

If you are applying any kind of glass or laminate film over Screen It will only protect from scratches. It need something which can absorb impact. Over the Screen it is not possible but around the Screen we can. But with that we will have to compromise with look of our phone.

So you have to determine if you’d like the massive 6.1in show on the XR full with notch and required gestures. The key differences listed here are the display screen and the fact you may have to use Face ID on the XR with its lack of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Does iPhone XR screen break easily?

iPhone XR Gets Absolutely Destroyed in Drop Test. Surprisingly, the iPhone XR did not even handle the first back-facing drop from six feet and saw its glass back absolutely shatter upon impact. The first front-facing drop administered even worse damage, shattering and loosening the glass while breaking the LCD display.

iphone xr vs iphone 8 plus

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