How to Draw a Dragon – Information That Will Keep You From Failure

Drawing a dragon requires you to understand a number of different things about it. For one thing, dragon anatomy is very complicated. They are actually part serpent, part bird, part lizard, and part reptile. The reason for this is that dragons are actually reptiles, and reptiles are classed as mammals. Because they are mammals, dragons have internal skeletons. In some species, their bones are long and tapering, making the bones appear reptilian. The other thing to remember is that when you draw a dragon, don’t look at your dragon, look at the scales on its back.

How to draw a dragon requires you to be able to understand how the scales of a dragon work. The scales on a dragon are actually vital to its overall form. The scales are made up of very hard scales, and they are not transparent like, say, a shark’s skin. They are actually very sharp and can easily be broken or cut by anything that may attack it. If you need to know how to draw a dragon, the most important thing to learn about the scales is that they will be one of the most important parts of your dragon.

The other thing to keep in mind when drawing a dragon is that dragons breathe fire. It’s no secret. The fact that dragons do breathe fire means that they must also have scales that are impervious to fire. If they are exposed to fire, the dragon’s scales will burn off and will turn blue. It would be a shame if you were able to draw a dragon, only to find out that it was totally burnt to a crisp by the beginning of the story.