Game Grumps – That Guy You Beat at the Video Game

Well, I’m the one who wins game grumps. Yep I’m the one who has the video game boy. I’ve had one since the day it came out, I have a friend who has the first one as well. He actually beat me one time, because my friends and I would go down the video game store line to get one. I had already purchased a few when he beat me and I couldn’t believe it, I was really surprised and also happy that someone beat me.

Now this is what I want to talk about is the other part of the Game Grumps episode, he can be found on YouTube and if you watch the video that’s where it happens. So in this Game Grumps video they are talking about online casinos. On the other side of the screen there is another person talking about his best bet. When he mentions the other guy, I mean the white guy that owns the online casino, my friend yells out I’m the one who wins game grumps. He also says that this is the only real time he ever beat him. At the end of the game, they take a moment to congratulate him on winning and it’s all over.

So that’s all that’s happened in the two episodes of Game Grumps. I haven’t watched the rest yet, so I’ll be watching that as soon as I get home from work and get to bed. Anyway here‘s hoping that I can win myself the prize that’s worth talking about: Is this guy one of the most awesome people you have ever met?