Top 10 Minecraft Songs

Here is the top 10 Minecraft songs. Some of them are old favorites, but others are a little new and different, so be sure to check out what each one has to offer! You might even want to add these in a playlist so you can hear them more often, although I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you were planning on having them on repeat because of their sound quality. There is a reason why they are on repeat though. Hopefully these will help inspire you to go play them more often!

Here is the top 10 Minecraft songs of 2020, and I was torn between the next two songs to bring out of the top three. I finally decided to include The Spice of Life because it’s so good. Not only is it a Minecraft song, but it’s also a great song to help pass the time when you have problems with anxiety or depression. But because The Spice of Life is a new song to me, I want to make it clear that this is a new song and not an old favorite. It has been changed to fit into the Minecraft world.

The next song I want to talk about is Minecraft Champion. It has an instrumental of “chicken”, which just adds to the theme of the song. So I love this song and so does my nephew. It’s too bad that it has such a short video to accompany it, because this is something that deserves to be heard! There are several other great songs, but since the video for Minecraft Champion has so much detail, it really takes away from the song and makes it seem like an animated cartoon. The song “Never Get Busted Again” by Chance the Rapper is another one that I really enjoy. This song is a lot of fun, but the video makes it stand out in a great way!