NFL Top 10 Game Show

Just like any football team, the NFL is always trying to find ways to get their players noticed. So now they have the NFL Top 10. Well, it looks like they are trying to promote this game show. If you didn’t know, it appears that there are game shows in other sports that they now are showing up in. It seems like the same people who do the Jay Leno Show and some other shows are now doing a game show. And now it appears the NFL wants to do their own version of a game show so they can get more attention.

The NFL Top 10 looks very similar to the old game show game that used to be on tv. People would line up for a chance to win a vacation or an all-expense paid trip to Vegas. It was outrageous and just to make sure that everybody loved the show so they kept it on the air. If the show can be successful like that then maybe the NFL should try to do their own version. If they can make the show interesting, then maybe it would be something that would be able to succeed. Maybe that would be the end of them having to produce a Top 10 list. It may actually help the NFL make more money as well because they are actually getting people to watch.

You know, the NFL has had a lot of money poured into this game and the teams are really very well known throughout the entire country. Maybe now that the NFL is getting people to watch this game show, they can start looking at ways to put up a website or something similar for people to vote on what their favorite player is. Maybe it will be because they like this player or it could be because of the style of play that the player brings to the team. That would definitely be a plus for the teams and fans.