Lost Relics – Action-Adventure Role-Playing Crypto Game

During the period when the great beasts olden stayed upon the ground, the clans of the northern arena grew extensive in variety and also spread out throughout the land. In all method of factors, the people of the clans got understanding and wisdom coming from cryptogames the important to the recondite, passing this expertise down from creation to creation.

This moment was known as the very first eon as well as is where the extremely first historical files may be mapped back. It was actually within this time frame that scribes very first found to videotape that which happened at the moment, leaving a make up those of the future to regard.

Like any kind of globe that survives by means of the grows older, there were actually times of excellent as well as times of negative, from abundance generated by the introduction of field to the dark times back the excellent outbreak of Mount Olkepth as well as the ‘opportunity of the lengthy wintertime’ that complied with.

Lost Relics - Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game

Though the singular very most considerable occasion to happen in past history carried out not come from Olkepth neither every other property to become discovered in this particular planet. It originated along with those from various other areas in deep space.

Pair of self-willed nationalities, along with intelligences rose yet intense, were wound in a struggle of huge scale referred to as ‘The Deceptiveness War’. The Deceptiveness Battle resulted in much loss of power, expertise and lifestyle. The only staying residues of the battle put failed to remember, scattered around the universe.


Talmuth provides you a location to explore, gather info on accessible Quests as well as start your Journeys. These may lead you on dangerous hikes with dungeons, around levels as well as in to forests.


Journeys have an assortment of products hidden within chests, cages, barrels and also other involved objects. Crawling with beasts each adventure is arbitrarily produced offering a feasible 4 billion variants with each theme!


From time to time special encounters will certainly be on call within the world, permitting you to experience one-of-a-kind as well as difficult game play offering restricted version relics and also things as rewards.

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