I Hate Video Games Because I Have Never Learned Anything About Them

I hate video games, because I’ve always felt that they are all fake and should not be used as a tool to improve anyone’s cognitive abilities. When I first started playing video games, they were only used as a tool to get high scores. Today, there are so many new games that are being made that have advanced graphics, better physics and features that weren’t even dreamed of when first creating these games.

I hate video games, because I’ve been told by people in my life that the reason why I’m not a very good golfer is because I don’t use a club properly or have the right grip. I have many friends who can do everything just like I do and yet they are also very poor athletes. I don’t care what kind of game it is, I just want it to end and be done with. The only reason why I do not have an issue with golf is because I believe everyone has their own talent. I don’t care if I am an ace golfer or a goat shooter because I love the game. I just want the games to end and the machines that make them have a reality check and realize how much they take this ability for granted.

I hate video games because I don’t know how to apply or design games and all the things that go along with them. The hard part is learning the actual steps that need to be taken to actually make the game work. The systems that are used today are so complicated that you can’t even get a basic idea of how they work because it’s already too advanced. Some of the newer games that are being created don’t even work without the proper knowledge of how to use the system.