I Hate This Is Why I Hate Video Games

I hate this is why I hate video games. Why? This game that I grew up with, right down to the instruction booklet – how did this come to be such a failure? It’s more disappointing than that movie that never really made any sense, as well as the mediocre TV series that I never really subscribed to. I even remember when my parents got me a new Nintendo console because they thought it would be the best thing to have ever hit the market since Barbies. So you ask, how did I get here?

Well when Nintendo came out with the NES, I was around 10 years old. In the early days it was mostly a novelty. In fact, it wasn’t until a few years later that people realized how perfect this system was, and how awesome the video games on it were. But when the hardware got better, the games got better, and then the interaction got better too. It was truly a wonderful time for a gaming child like me. This is when I discovered my passion for video games.

And then I started playing other games too. And other things. Eventually I could not stop myself from purchasing every new game that came out. But despite the grandiose scope of my gaming, I always wished for more. I wanted that one game that would show me what I could do with the entire industry, and would teach me the theory behind how it all works. But when I tried to figure out the controls and all that, I knew I would never master the best way to play any game.